Friday, 23 September 2011

The Black Pages

In a band looking for a label to release your album?

Running a label or distro and looking for like-minded souls to trade your releases with?

Putting out a zine and need stockists from around the world to spread your plague?

The Black Pages is a list of over 500 Metal record labels i've compiled in the course of preparing WAR ON ALL FRONTS ranging from obscure tape operations to large scale and well known underground entities. It is in the form of a google chrome bookmark folder with each entry including a list of the subgenres of it's releases and an olympic country code so you know at a glance if the label is right for your purposes. As an extra help to my fellow zine scribes labels with a distro that stock fanzines are marked ***.

This list has taken me a long time to compile so I want to share it with everyone else in the scene so that they won't have to go through the same excruciatingly long process. To take advantage of this all you need to do is download the file beolw. For Google Chrome users then click the wrench icon on the top right hand side of your browser, click on bookmark manager and then on organise. Lastly click on import bookmarks and open the saved Black Pages html file.

The file should be compatible with other web browsers too, just use your search engine for instructions.

Remember this is completely free, but it would be great if users could contact me if any dead links appear, any labels close down their activities or if there are any labels i've missed out that you think ought be included (for now unless the demand rises i've limited the list to subgenres relevant to WOAF i.e. Black/Death/Doom/Heavy/Speed/Thrash/Pagan Metal and Metalpunk so don't be asking me to add Brutal Death Metal or anything like that to the list). The changes will be included in later versions.

And lastly, if anyone who uses this ever meets me at a gig or festival I certainly wouldn't begrudge you buying me a beer.

So here it is!

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